SFH is a media company committed to showcasing the beauty, complexity, and excitement of living in a small town. We write from the perspective of St. Francois County, a county of about 70 thousand people located 50 miles south of St. Louis.

The history of St. Francois County can be told in many different ways — farming, mining, trading, manufacturing, and religion have all played critical roles in establishing these communities. We believe there is a revolation happening today, and that the best way to understand the character of this county is by studying the local politics and cultural innovation. We are witnessing a community that is now more connected than ever. We see this as an indication of more unity than ever before. Some would have you believe this level of engagement means we are more disconnected and entrenched in our own ideas — ignorant and uncaring of our neighbors’ ideas. This has not been our experience. The Herald is a place to celebrate the unified and innovative future of our slice of the United States of America.

We talk frequently about injustice whether through legislation or cultural bias, as well as the unifying potential of true Christian thinking.

You can find us on social media, or you can come to the political discussion group that we host every other Tuesday night at ColJac Downtown. We would love to hang out!